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1/18/2022 6:46:10 AM Players Lost: 4- Percy, 3- Meek, Severud, 2-Mize, Picha 1-Worley, JC 0- Holweger, Armstrong
1/17/2022 8:25:35 PM And Mr. Picha jumps into the fray with a vengeance!
1/17/2022 6:27:06 PM I would like to trade Henderson Jr for McKinnon...
1/16/2022 6:06:09 PM Steelers d was the pick we all needed!
1/16/2022 5:16:41 PM It’s early, but with a SF win, it looks like its shaping up to be Holweger’s to lose. Could this be the year that Team St Cloud finally takes home the trophy? If we had an actual trophy….
1/16/2022 11:38:48 AM The stats from the draft are interesting. I'm surprised the Rams had more players selected than any other team. That seems risky considering they are only favored by 3.5 points in the opening round of the playoffs.
1/16/2022 7:50:15 AM 37 points from one game? That has to be a record. Incredible.
1/16/2022 5:23:09 AM Well James is off to a nice start.
1/15/2022 12:03:00 PM NFL Team Draft Summary:… Number of Players Team 9 LA Rams 8 Dallas 8 Tampa Bay 8 Green Bay 7 Kansas City 7 Tennessee 7 Buffalo 6 Cincinnati 4 San Francisco 3 Las Vegas 2 New England 1 Philadelphia 1 Pittsburgh 1 Arizona
1/13/2022 10:54:03 AM I sort of prefer "Virtual" JC. Might be a good thing to make annual.
1/13/2022 8:46:44 AM Who is on point to text JC before his pick? Joe can you "adjust the random" so JC has two picks in a row. Ala the last pick? Might make life easier for us all. Which was always Don's goal in life............
1/13/2022 7:15:40 AM TLDR: Joe has it all covered.
1/8/2022 8:36:23 AM To avoid any confusion, I want to clarify how the playoff rosters will be loaded for each team. On nfl.com, players are categorized as follows: Active, Reserve/Non-Football Injury, Reserve/COVID-19, Reserve/Designated to Return, Reserve/Injured, Reserve/Physically Unable to Perform, Practice Squad, Practice Squad/Injured, Practice Squad/COVID-19, and Practice Squad/Exception Protected. All players in the Active and Reserve categories will be loaded to the site. All Practice Squad categories will be ignored and not loaded. Please note: I start loading playoff rosters 1-2 weeks in advance of our draft and players may move to/from the Practice Squad at the last moment, so it's possible you may want to draft a player that doesn't appear on our site. Never fear, we have a quick work-around we can use during the draft to accommodate that situation.
2/10/2021 8:35:16 PM Having no chance at winning, I thought I’d still see a good game. Clearly it was one of the least competitive in years. Seems you can load up on stars, start playing the second half of the year and dominate the playoffs. NBA, meet your identical twin, the NFL. Thanks for all the work again Joe!
2/8/2021 2:17:37 PM LOL! I know what you mean about confusing your kids. I have the same problem with my wife!
2/8/2021 9:16:54 AM Congrats Brian! Following what the NFL did with Lombardi, I need someone to do a quick hologram Sverdlin to present the trophy. Please bill Worley directly for your time, thanks!
2/8/2021 7:02:55 AM Who would have thought that the Chiefs would get shut out of the end zone . . .Thanks for another great year. . . my kids still get confused when I cheer for a team and then do a 180 and say "Not that guy . . . stop him!" - BA
2/7/2021 7:22:30 PM Correction: $155.00 to Brian, $20.00 to Joe, and $5.00 to Jason.
2/7/2021 7:21:11 PM With his 4th title, Brian moves into a tie with JC for 2nd place on the all-time win list.
2/7/2021 7:19:20 PM Total payouts = $180.00. $155.00 to Brian, $25.00 to a slug named Joe, and $5.00 to Jason.
2/7/2021 7:15:58 PM Congratulations to Brian!!
2/4/2021 5:34:47 AM 'Armstrong has the strong arm on us.' -- I see what you did there . .
2/1/2021 6:08:00 PM Here's the list of coaches and number of remaining players as we head into Super Bowl weekend: Brian 7 Jon 3 Blake 2 Jason 2 Don 1 Joe 1 Matt 1 James 0 Ken 0
1/28/2021 3:48:40 PM Armstrong has the strong arm on us. Any payout for 4th? James weeping when the cheese melted. Some day man, some day. Jc
1/22/2021 9:13:53 AM Brian has an astonishing 7 players remaining, but he needs Mahomes to make a quick recovery and Tampa to pull off an upset at Lambeau.
1/22/2021 9:09:13 AM James has some firepower with 4 remaining players, but he needs the green and gold to knock off Tampa and advance to the "big show".
1/22/2021 9:06:37 AM Ken's hopes are riding on the arm of his only remaining player - Josh Allen. He desperately needs a Buffalo upset this week.
1/22/2021 9:05:30 AM At this point, it appears the only viable contenders for the coveted Sverdlin trophy are Ken, James and Brian.
1/22/2021 8:54:28 AM Here's the list of coaches and number of remaining players as we head into the AFC/NFC Title Round: Brian 7 Don 4 James 4 Jason 4 Joe 4 Jon 4 Matt 4 Blake 2 Ken 1
1/17/2021 3:09:27 PM Andy Reid with the cantaloupes!
1/16/2021 4:33:21 PM James and Matt are in the hunt.
1/16/2021 4:14:37 PM The Rams pulled off the old 'hook and lateral' play for a 2 point conversion. Impressive!
1/14/2021 12:00:11 PM Severud sportin' Woods and a Chubb. He's really excited about his team this year.
1/13/2021 7:19:10 PM Here's the list of NFL Teams and number of remaining players for Divisional Round: KC 9 Green Bay 9 Tampa Bay 8 Buffalo 8 New Orleans 7 Baltimore 6 LA Rams 3 and finally Cleveland with one - Chubb!
1/13/2021 2:02:25 PM Here's the list of coaches and number of remaining players as we head into the Divisional Round: Brian 8 Joe 7 James 6 Blake 5 Don 5 Jason 5 Jon 5 Ken 5 Matt 5
1/13/2021 11:52:23 AM Yeah, I didn’t do my research on kickers as I expected to get another kicker. I assumed that when I was “forced” to take the Tennessee kicker I would only have the current/active kicker. It does get more complicated than our “friendly” league usually requires to know if a player is “active” or not, especially with some positions and with COVID this year. Ultimately, my fault and I will be dropping my lawsuit, mostly because I appreciate the work you put in on this and I wouldn’t want to do it. That said, as you guys get old and more senile, we might want to stick to active roster players going forward.
1/12/2021 6:01:17 PM Don - On a serious note, how did you end up drafting Sloman? Did you think he had been activated and was going to play? Did you just click on the wrong guy? Something else? The reason I'm asking is because I want to determine if loading the entire roster for each team (active and non-active players) is causing more confusion than it's worth. Please note: Sloman is on Tennessee's roster, but he was not on their ACTIVE roster when I loaded that team to our site. 3-4 years ago, one of us (can't remember exactly who) wanted to draft a player that didn't appear on our site because he wasn't on his team's active roster. To facilitate that request and move on to the next pick, we had the coach pick a player that nobody else had any intention of drafting and then I manually updated his picks in the database after the draft. I think that is when I started loading the expanded rosters from the NFL site. Maybe we should go back to just loading the active rosters. I'm open to whatever you guys want to do.
1/12/2021 5:45:21 PM Ha-Ha! Sam and I are ready. Bring it on! Maybe you should try to invoke the 25th amendment in your formal complaint and see if you can get me removed as the site support guy? Or perhaps you need to draw up articles of impeachment and submit them to the Board of Directors. Just a thought ...
1/11/2021 1:37:28 PM Bastard guy. And I thought you were the only trustworthy one in this group of miscreants. First I find out my president stretches the truth, i.e., lies, and now this. I am encouraging my supporters to march to your and Sams house - have alcohol ready. I am officially lodging a formal compliant with Valarie and Kevin L as honorary members of the WSSI FF board of directors.
1/10/2021 8:52:06 PM For what it's worth, I lost both of my RBs to injuries this week and only got 7 points out of them.
1/10/2021 8:50:26 PM Yeah, Sam Sloman is my neighbor. I threw his name on the Tennessee roster just to see if anyone would fall for it.
1/10/2021 6:30:26 PM So I knew I had a horseshit team before games started, but already down my 2 rbs with zero points, and apparently I picked a Tennessee kicker whose not on their roster??? Joe, was that a decoy to try and throw off the reigning champ? Cuz apparently it worked. I could have at least invoked the Meek rule had I known. At least I didn’t bet on Pittsbu....oh shit.
1/10/2021 4:27:48 PM Kenny kicking our lily a$$es. I stand by my claim that Chicago could be worst playoff team in history. Go Tampa Bay! jc
1/10/2021 2:02:38 PM Saints injury report is bull sh!t
1/9/2021 7:21:58 PM With 46 points, I have one PAT yet to record this year!!!
1/9/2021 6:11:31 PM Ken's lifetime average is 47
1/9/2021 1:29:16 PM And Ken jumps out to an early lead ...
1/6/2021 8:13:44 PM My cell is 612-987-2352. -- JW
1/6/2021 7:58:20 PM Joe - what is your phone #? We need that to send you $$$ via Venmo
1/6/2021 6:07:28 PM The entry fee is $20.00. Please forward to Joe Worley, 7649 133rd Street West, Apple Valley, MN 55124. You can also send payment to joew@jtworley.com via PayPal or to jtworley via Venmo. Fair warning: Laggards will be publicly shamed in the Star Tribune and I will file a lien against your property.
2/11/2020 11:48:30 AM Congratulations Don! If you send the plane, I'll ride in it . . .
2/5/2020 7:00:32 AM Reminder that second place gets his money back and dead last gets $5. Balance to the champ!
2/2/2020 9:08:44 PM I want to thank my teammates, my coaches, my opponents, and my ex wife’s for teaching me that if hang in there, 18 years can fly by and you can possibly find that acorn. Thanks to Joe again for running a Russian-free, time tested website. I’m going to the Disney store! Happy hour anyone?
2/2/2020 8:16:56 PM Matt: Yay, I set a personal best high score! Don: Hold my beer.
2/2/2020 8:12:03 PM Congratulations to the Boss Man!!
2/2/2020 5:55:45 PM Don is on his way toward triple digits. That hasn't happened in 6 years.
2/2/2020 6:57:10 AM Oh, and Joe will be the Commissioner next year, not Ken. Joe has two players left, but they won't produce any points today and Ken will jump into 8th place.
2/2/2020 6:54:16 AM Super Bowl Prediction - Mostert and Kelce won't be enough to help Blake overcome Don's 9 point lead, especially since Don still has Mahomes, Hill and the KC defense in play.
1/26/2020 12:09:44 PM As we are in uncharted territory, would there be a formal application and interview process for back-to-back commissioner-ships?
1/26/2020 12:04:49 PM It is a “special” year. I thought maybe the Russians had hacked the site again based on the lack of good smack talk we have all become accustomed to come to expect from this group. If I can only eek out a first ever win, I can retire a day and a half earlier than planned. Regardless of how this year turns out, I think we should try to get a happy hour together. Need to celebrate that we have been together this long. Brian, I am arranging that crop duster plane ride to get you here in the event I win. Otherwise it’s on Severud.
1/24/2020 4:07:45 PM Picha efforting toward his first title. Severud working on an unprecedented FIFTH commissioner-ship. This is a special year.
1/19/2020 7:33:57 PM I'm just here for the lifetime stats-- Blake
1/13/2020 10:46:16 AM I’m in Arizona for my daughters wedding enjoying these playoffs, unfortunately without the Vikings again. Sorry for all you Baltimore wagon jumpers - that loud thump was all of you falling off. Long live King Ma-homey!!
1/13/2020 8:41:26 AM Following Chinese new year it has been declared the year of the Picha.
1/12/2020 12:19:37 AM The playoffs are wild!
1/5/2020 9:24:13 PM After wild card weekend, 32% of Wussie FFL drafted players have been eliminated. There was a call made to league officials as only 8 teams were listed under the current standings page. Upon further review, it was confirmed that Severud had not registered a point during wild card weekend and therefore wasn't listed under the current standings...
1/5/2020 8:23:15 PM Ugh, I lost my defense. Damn you Kyle Rudolph!
1/5/2020 4:05:18 PM As shitty as my draft may have been, I’ve scored more than Severud did all of last year so I’m a happy camper. More so with the Vikings win. Cook looks pretty good for a first Vikings pick now doesn’t he? 😄
1/5/2020 2:50:26 PM #SKOL
1/5/2020 2:35:09 PM The Vikes just eliminated 4 of our top 7 draft picks.
1/5/2020 7:43:52 AM It looks like JC got up early this morning and posted some smack-talk!
1/5/2020 7:06:06 AM Historically speaking, no one dominates wild card weekend like JC.
1/4/2020 9:39:03 PM 15% of Wussie FFL drafted players have been eliminated! 30% of Wussie FFL drafted players playing on Sunday!
1/4/2020 9:26:49 PM Ouch! That loss by New England really hurts!
1/4/2020 7:02:45 PM And we're off and running with JC jumping out to an early lead thanks to Deshaun Watson.
2/4/2019 8:08:09 AM Sweet, I drafted the Super Bowl MVP. That ought to be good for at least... oh yeah, zero points.
2/3/2019 8:24:04 PM Thank you all. First I'd like to thank the academy ... and of course the man upstairs. IMO probably the worst superbowl I've seen in recent memory. MVP goes to the punter. Percy should have had it . . that said . . . checks can be made payable to Brian Armstrong ...
2/3/2019 8:09:31 PM Great season everyone! So fun to see Armstrong win the nail biter.
2/3/2019 8:08:16 PM Matt's football teams: so many times the bridesmaid and never the bride.
2/3/2019 8:08:14 PM Congratulations Brian!!
2/3/2019 8:07:53 PM Brian, Matt, and Don in a battle royale, but Matt's kicker goes wide left.
2/3/2019 8:05:45 PM He missed it! Percy has it in the bag and he missed it!
2/1/2019 10:07:39 AM How did we manage to end up with seven us all within six points of one another?
1/21/2019 7:23:44 PM I've said it before, RAM tough! Let's go Rams!
1/21/2019 10:12:18 AM Guessing the chance of the Pats winning it 2-0 with a safety is unlikely.
1/20/2019 8:44:21 PM Wow... Still a close race. I'm looking for a super bowl filled with field goals where Armstrong and Percy battle for the title.
1/20/2019 6:02:40 PM New Orleans got screwed!!!! The officials should have called pass interference on the Rams in that late drive. The Saints should be going to the Super Bowl.
1/20/2019 7:00:39 AM Here's a clue: The prediction was posted by the guy who is going into the title games just one rung up from the bottom of the ladder.
1/16/2019 2:44:50 PM JC looking good. Ken could go from worst to first if Goff goes off this week.
1/14/2019 10:07:18 AM Twice people have finished last with 16 points. Is that record in jeopardy? Also, who put in the "prediction" post? Very Nostradamus-esque. Identify yourself and take a bow!
1/14/2019 9:53:43 AM Foles - 4th to last pick good for 18 pts. Doubtful that there is a better pick thus far . . . well done Mr. Craig.
1/14/2019 7:34:32 AM Joe, Matt and Blake have the QB+K formula dialed up, yet all are chasing currently. This board is stacking up for a nice finish with many people in contention (at least it looks that way now).
1/13/2019 5:57:59 PM Hey, where did all you guys get all those points?
1/12/2019 11:09:09 AM RAM tough! Let's go Rams!
1/11/2019 1:32:56 PM Prediction: All four home teams will win this weekend, which means: Blake will lose 3 players and have 3 remaining. Brian will lose 2 players and have 3 remaining. Don will lose 2 players and have 3 remaining. James will lose 5 players and have 1 remaining. Jason will lose 3 players and have 3 remaining. Joe will lose 2 players and have 5 remaining. Jon will lose 3 players and have 3 remaining. Ken will lose 1 player and have 4 remaining. Matt will lose 1 player and have 6 remaining. Conclusion: James needs the Charges vs. Patriots to turn into a shoot-out or his grip on 1st place will be in jeopardy.
1/7/2019 7:52:35 AM "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."-- Lao Tzu... and more recently Ken and Blake.
1/6/2019 2:49:15 PM James jumps to the top of the leader board. Meanwhile, Matt and Joe are AWOL.
1/5/2019 9:46:02 PM A little bit of trivia - 94 points were awarded in today's games. 49 of them belonged to undrafted players. Geesh!!
1/5/2019 12:00:00 PM Yes, and Thielen, correct?
1/3/2019 5:54:24 PM ...I thought I had selected Diggs?
1/3/2019 12:34:23 PM JC and Matt - I flipped the 33rd and 34th overall picks, as well as the 52nd and 53rd picks. Please let me know if you see any issues. -- JW
1/3/2019 12:19:39 PM Mediocre Marvin just got fired. What are you trying to say?
1/2/2019 12:47:39 PM Just noticed, through 15 years Picha has never won, but never finished last either. This level of sustained mediocrity is truly remarkable. Great job Don! Marvin Lewis would be proud!
2/6/2018 1:57:53 PM Thanks everyone for the prompt payments. The money has been delivered to JC via Pony Express
2/4/2018 9:52:11 PM What a game gentlemen! The world is right again with DieNasty on top!
2/4/2018 9:46:04 PM Cheer up Don. If the Eagles can win a title then someday you and I can too! -- MP
2/4/2018 9:23:18 PM Good game guys. Congrats to JC. His record of titles is just like Tom Brady's, only better!
2/4/2018 9:06:00 PM What a game!
2/4/2018 8:40:09 PM Need more field goals!
2/4/2018 8:15:53 PM Here we go ... Its the 3rd quarter and Percy is making his move ...
1/21/2018 10:42:03 PM Well, that was disappointing!
1/21/2018 5:12:03 PM Crap...you just can't bet against the pats-BA
1/21/2018 5:10:43 PM Guys - FYI ... I will be traveling this evening during the Viking game with no access to a computer. I will enter the scoring for that game later this evening, or tomorrow morning at the latest. -- JW
1/15/2018 9:14:03 AM Ha ha. It looks like I am well positioned to match my historical average of 56 points scored with no title! At this point I'm liking Joe's chances. -- MP
1/14/2018 7:46:50 PM That was a finish for the ages!!
1/14/2018 10:43:45 AM It’s no surprise the Russians would try and hack the top rated fantasy playoff site in WSSI history. Some conspiracy theorists are speculating that fear over team Picha starting to make their move into another top 5 finish has other teams willing to pay basement dwelling hackers anything to stop them. Thanks Joe for keeping WSSI FF, and America safe.
1/14/2018 7:10:32 AM Lots of scores for Picha and Percy yesterday! And JC's kicker kept him in the running.
1/7/2018 8:48:00 PM Giddyup! Looks like anyone's game still.
1/7/2018 11:17:04 AM Holweger well on his way from worst to first. Atlanta!
1/4/2018 1:58:20 PM Good draft everyone. Looking forward to another season of heartache.
1/4/2018 1:49:52 PM Literally the only way Ken can field a contender is to not show up.
1/4/2018 12:19:47 PM I need my tech team
1/3/2018 10:02:41 AM We cut now to a live shot over at Picha draft headquarters. image of a burning $20 US bill featuring Andrew Jackson
1/3/2018 8:52:35 AM Thanks again Joe for getting this set-up. I’m proud to say I was able to contribute to you finally winning last year as payoff for all your years of dedicated service. I look forward to another year with a middle of the road finish, and I still won’t use PayPal as a protest for not drafting like real men - in a bar.
1/1/2018 9:25:42 AM Also, the links showing the Previous Results and Lifetime Rank have been updated to reflect the results through 2016. As always, please let me know if I F-d anything up. -- JW
1/1/2018 9:24:19 AM The 2017 playoff rosters have been loaded to the site. We are a Go for the draft! -- JW
2/6/2017 9:19:06 PM Thanks guys! It just goes to show that you can screw up your draft picks and still get lucky. That was quite a game yesterday! -- JW
2/6/2017 2:12:19 PM Congrats also to James. That's the highest score for any last place team in the history of this league!!
2/6/2017 9:31:54 AM Congrats Joe! What a fun game that was enhanced by all of the post-season fantasy implications. Good stuff. That has to be the first win for someone without a QB or Kicker in the big game.
2/5/2017 9:40:08 PM Incredible, our final league game was every bit as exciting as the real thing. Congratulations to Joe! Now please tell me you take PayPal...
2/5/2017 9:28:28 PM Congrats Joe!!!!
2/5/2017 8:45:40 PM And Ken makes his move ...
2/5/2017 8:37:53 PM Cripes, at this point I think it is more a case of which one of doesn't want to lose than which of us wants to win.
2/5/2017 8:35:05 PM Jason is clinging to a 1 point lead over Ken with 9:44 remaining. And Matt is only 3 points back. Should be an exciting finish!
2/5/2017 8:16:21 PM Real-time scoring...love it!
2/5/2017 8:12:50 PM I've got this board figured out now. Let's re-draft and start again. Everybody in?
1/31/2017 3:01:57 PM Blake is paid.
1/26/2017 3:35:37 PM 15 points? 63-47=16 last time I checked. IF you wanted to say, there are 14 points in the middle (48-62), that would be true.
1/25/2017 5:04:40 PM Every single person has at LEAST one person left for the Superbowl. Blake and Ken have 4. Matt has 3. Jason, Don and Jon have 2. Brian , James and Joe have 1. With current standings separated by 15 points . . . Lots of ways this could go.
1/24/2017 10:15:55 AM This is going to end with an old fashioned Kick off! Matt and Ken look like the odds on favorites to win this year based on having the last two remaining 3 or 1 guys. 2017 - Year of the kicker!
1/23/2017 9:52:14 AM Agree, this is the tightest matchup I've seen in the 10 years I've been playing. Kinda neat . . . except Meek is on top once again. P.S. James didn't get robbed, that wasn't a touchdown . . besides, if Pitt can't punch it in from one foot, send 'em home.
1/22/2017 8:38:24 PM Only a 15 point spread between the top team and the bottom. Going into the Super Bowl has that ever happened before?
1/22/2017 7:29:42 PM Pardon the pun but ... Jesse James got robbed!
1/22/2017 5:35:29 PM Doing the dirty bird all night long baby!
1/22/2017 4:15:58 PM Thanks Atlanta. That'll work
1/17/2017 1:51:36 PM PLEASE Atlanta, save us from two weeks of pre-Super Bowl Rodgers hype. I can't handle it.
1/15/2017 10:08:38 PM Wow! What a pair of playoff games today! Good stuff.
1/15/2017 9:45:21 AM Gotta admit I didn't watch the games yesterday but my kids kept track of that Seattle game. As they're describing Seattle going down the tubes to me I'm saying, "Stop. No more updates. Every year I suck at Wussie FF and this just proves the point." So they stopped and I didn't pay attention again until this morning. At first I couldn't even find my name on the standings list, it never occurred to me to look up.
1/14/2017 11:46:22 PM Trump wins Atlanta wins.. and Percy takes the lead. 2017 gunna b 1 helluva year.
1/14/2017 11:08:31 PM Percy with the hidden player of 2017.
1/14/2017 3:04:33 PM What time is the Oakland game?
1/12/2017 6:38:10 PM Hmm ... Is someone missing in the standings?
1/9/2017 8:27:05 AM JC within 4 points of his 2016 total... Could be in the 20s this season! You go girl!
1/8/2017 7:54:23 PM When does Oakland play agan?
1/8/2017 6:49:08 PM Beckham sucks!!
1/8/2017 6:29:06 PM When I said Jody nelson... I meant Randall cobb....
1/7/2017 10:12:11 PM Lions suck!!
1/6/2017 9:37:36 AM Good draft yesterday men. Thanks for changing the time for me, and your continued commitment to this league. Interesting draft. When everyone zigs (NE), Meekster Zags (virtually all NFC). It should be interesting. I've hitched my wagon to a rookie QB. That's always a winning postseason strategy. JC please post your address for payment 1985 style.
1/3/2017 10:21:27 AM
1/2/2017 3:41:58 PM Also, the Previous Results and Lifetime Rank pages have been updated to reflect the results through 2015. Please let me know if you see any errors. -- JW
1/2/2017 3:40:08 PM Mr. Commissioner - The 2016 playoff rosters have been loaded to the site. We are good-to-Go for the draft! -- JW
2/9/2016 11:39:47 AM I agree . . . thank god there wasn't a tie. - BA
2/8/2016 8:39:56 PM Thank god there wasn't a tie. Money to come out shortly.
2/8/2016 9:16:44 AM Crazy year. Not only did the #1 overall pick fail to score a point, #2 did as well. Unreal as the patriarch of this league ties his own record for low points.
2/8/2016 8:18:21 AM Always a fun way to end the football season with a WSSI playoff, a dumb luck winner, a gracious loser, and an NFL favorite losing. Congrats to BA and big thanks to Joe for doing this again and allowing me to once again go into the off-season knowing I wasn't the biggest loser.
2/7/2016 10:11:36 PM Most suspenseful superbowl for me ever. BA
2/7/2016 9:53:24 PM Wow, good drama. Sorry I came up on the wrong end of it but congrats to BA! - Blake
2/7/2016 9:05:47 PM Go for TWO!!!!
2/7/2016 8:08:15 PM DAMN U MCMANUS!!!!!!
2/7/2016 8:03:13 PM C'Mon non athlete kicker, bring it home!
1/28/2016 11:20:16 AM Man that meaningless last Brady to Gronk TD really hurts. The Mizeman could have been a contender!
1/27/2016 4:22:28 PM Don't remember voting. Thought this was totalitarian regime. One Blake to rule them all.
1/25/2016 6:40:41 PM According to Article 132.45.b in the official by-laws: "All players not involved in a tie must cough up the extra dough required to make all winners whole". You all had a chance to vote on the bylaws, remember?
1/25/2016 3:38:21 PM What do we do in the event of 1st, 2nd, or last ending in a tie? Do we cut the payout for that place? Or, do we take money from the other places? Or, is there a tie breaker that I don't know about?
1/25/2016 9:12:43 AM I can't wait for Blake to be 1 pt from the lead, only to have his kicker miss a PAT and have him lose. 2016 NFL Playoffs. #WhereKickersGoToDie
1/25/2016 9:10:51 AM -Annual WSSI Dues Report- Paid : Matt, JC, Don, Joe, Blake, James, and Ken. Not Paid : Brian and Meek. This internet update was brought to you by Brutus.
1/25/2016 9:09:13 AM James has paid.
1/25/2016 9:05:47 AM This seems so easy when we draft. I always pick the best players. "We're not last, we're not last!"....
1/24/2016 9:09:23 PM And Matt . . Matt is done too. So to rephrase that . it's still anybody's game ... except Matt and Jon. . . . and probably James.
1/24/2016 9:06:25 PM Anybody except Jon . . Jon is done . . .
1/24/2016 9:05:54 PM Big Joe has 4 players left down by 20. Don and Jon each have 3 players left unfortunately for Jon, none of his 3 players seem to play . . . Meek has 2 players left down by 18. Blake, Ken and James still alive with 1 player each. Matt and Brian raced to be the first players done with 0 players left in the superbowl . . but BA will still be tuning in to see if his band of misfits can hang on to their 11 point lead over Blake and his kicker. Still anybody's game.
1/21/2016 9:41:56 AM Blake paid.
1/19/2016 5:38:16 PM -Annual WSSI Dues Report- Paid : Matt, JC, Don, Joe and Ken. Not Paid : Blake, James, Brian, and Meek. This internet update was brought to you by Brutus.
1/19/2016 5:35:29 PM Matt has paid.
1/17/2016 7:00:42 PM Joe and Don each with 5 players left. Brian and James each have 4 players left. Blake, Jason and Jon each have 3 players left. Matt and Ken with 2 players each.
1/17/2016 4:19:15 PM My stay on top of the leader board proved as short as Sverdlin. You are welcome for the donation--- Mize
1/16/2016 10:49:39 PM It's looking like a runaway for Armstrong......
1/12/2016 4:14:34 PM Even. But, I lost the money line ($190) on the Vikings on a $100 bet. I also lost a 7 team parlay when Big Ben got knocked out. ($1800). So close.
1/12/2016 3:29:22 PM
1/12/2016 3:27:09 PM It's like the tortoise vs the hare(less). Can we get a Vegas update from Meekster? Total won or lost...
1/12/2016 11:42:45 AM Quick count shows Percy and Armstrong no one out yet, Mize with the lead but 4 players out. JC with 3 out. Frickin Seahawks
1/10/2016 7:04:36 PM Laces out Marino!
1/10/2016 5:42:34 PM From the moment they brought out Bud Grant they were cursed to repeat history.
1/10/2016 3:19:05 PM I'm prepared to finance a "hit" on Blair Walsh. Any takers?
1/8/2016 7:56:30 PM James, Blake and Ken - I fixed the draft sequence to reflect your selections of Mason Crosby, Kirk Cousins and Cincy DEF, respectively. Please double-check your selections and let me know if you see any issues.
1/7/2016 11:14:33 PM For paypal, is it cymeek10@Yahoo.com?
1/7/2016 8:00:12 PM JC paid.
1/7/2016 7:30:11 PM Joe paid.
1/7/2016 7:29:54 PM Ken and Don paid.
1/7/2016 6:21:09 PM that was sarcasm by the way . . . it didn't translate that well in plain text
1/7/2016 6:16:28 PM take your time . . .
1/7/2016 6:08:50 PM Sounds good
1/7/2016 6:01:07 PM 5 in attendance. Waiting on 2 to show. Then, we will connect with the phone-a-friends.
1/4/2016 2:11:27 PM Thanks Joe. Your webification of workoffs.xls remains a seminal moment in the proud 13-year history of this league. When is the Wussie FFL app slated to be released?
12/24/2015 9:37:28 AM The Previous Results and Lifetime Rank pages have been updated to reflect the results for 2014. Please let me know if you see any errors. -- JW
2/9/2015 2:56:27 PM Pay JW. That way I only have to get my $ from Meek. You stay away from Mrs. Mizey! -Blake
2/8/2015 10:20:30 PM I'm so confused. I was going to pay the real brains behind the draft strategy, Mrs Mizey, you still want me to pay JW?
2/6/2015 11:19:30 AM Meek you owe me $15. Just a reminder that kneecapping starts March 1st followed by thumbs on the 15th. - Blake
2/4/2015 6:31:38 PM Don - You owe me $20.00 at 25% interest ... per week. And if I think you're going to skip out, I'll send Quito out to find you. Ha-ha!! Just kidding ... Hold it until the next Happy Hour.
2/4/2015 9:39:32 AM Payment update. Severud sent me (thanks) $100 and Armstrong sent me $20. So Worley, Me, Severud, Armstrong, Percy and Holweger all paid. For prizes, Worley is due his $20 back, Meek is due $5. So I think if JC pays me (I know where he works), Meek pays me $15 and Picha pays JTWorley, we should be good. Thanks everyone for another good year. Nice work on the site JT.
2/2/2015 1:15:07 PM Hey Joe: not bad on you getting second either. That has to feel good. - MP
2/2/2015 8:59:57 AM Thanks gents for another good year. Glad to see the world has righted itself and I am back on top. The Meek years will go down as a dark time in this pool's history. Onward and upward.- mize
2/2/2015 8:21:46 AM Blake, you should see my payment today at your paypal address. It's in Taco Johns coupons. Enjoy. -- BA
2/1/2015 11:09:06 PM Way to go Blake!!! Brian, Don and Jason can pay Blake directly @ blakemize@yahoo.com. Congrats to Jason "Mr. 19 pts" as he is now officially The Commish!
2/1/2015 10:02:34 PM Congratulations to the Mizerly one for a dominating performance. It was a great playoff, with many twists and turns along the way. Long live the WUSSIE offs! Has anyone seen my wallet? jc
2/1/2015 9:43:57 PM Congratulations to Blake on his record-setting year!
1/20/2015 8:56:53 AM I for one, am pretty disappointed with Seattle v New England in the SB. Dont' get me wrong, I'm glad to be in the driver's seat for the $$, but who am I rooting for? Katy Perry? --Blake
1/19/2015 9:50:33 AM I feel like I was struck with a Blount instrument
1/19/2015 8:01:35 AM Turn out the lights, the party's over.
1/18/2015 8:25:24 PM Yet another Scorer's Alert: Tom Brady threw a TD to an offensive lineman named Nate Solder. The pass and PAT were recorded. The reception was not.
1/18/2015 6:35:08 PM Scorer's Alert: As you know, punters and offensive lineman are not included in the rosters on this site. Therefore, the Seattle TD from Jon Ryan to Garry Gilliam will not appear in the scoring log. A single point was awarded for that play - to Steven Hauschka for the PAT.
1/13/2015 1:23:55 PM "Blessed are the Meek, for they shall inherit the earth... but not the workoffs title"- Matthew(Percy) 5:5 #BeatitudeWordPlay
1/13/2015 1:05:35 PM Objects in your rearview mirror are closer than they appear. Especially if your only passenger is Luke Wilson.
1/12/2015 4:14:06 PM Someone break out the jelly cause I am toast. #IgotManninged #MoneyStreakStillAlive #CutlerMadeMeDoIt - Meek
1/12/2015 9:58:21 AM Inside the #'s - B to the A edition. Joe is going to find it a bit tough to hang on to his 16 point lead with only the TE from Seattle left the rest of the way. Blake looks good down 16 with 5 players left. Brian is hanging on with 5 players left down 21. If colts win next week he could still be in it. James has a tough row to hoe with 3 players left down 29 and will likely be passed by Mr. Percy who has 5 layers left and is also down 29. Rounding out the top 9 . . .out of 9 . . . Ken is on life support with 4 players left back 32. JC would need two earth shattering games from Brady and a ton of field goals from Seattle, but stranger things have happened. He's down 35 with 4 players left. Mr. Picha is lost in the woods with 3 players left down 41. I think the question on everyone's mind is can he hold off the MEEK who is circles the drain with 1 lonely player left on the field down 47. Meek would need 8 touchdowns out of Vereen over the next two games which is as likely as Blake suiting up and scoring a field goal for the packers. My money is on Blake to close the gap and take home the cash. Go Colts!
1/11/2015 7:02:32 PM Meek!!!!!!!!!!!!! Penthouse to outhouse. Commish potential this year. #shocking
1/11/2015 5:21:07 PM Nice lead JW and time to hang on. My neck is already sore looking up from the bottom of the well. Lassie, go get Timmy!
1/11/2015 4:04:47 PM Dez Bryant got screwed!!!!!!!
1/11/2015 1:03:33 PM Have you ever seen something that is so absolutely shocking that it freezes you in your chair? Imagine my horror when I saw the standings this morning with JTW on top. jc
1/10/2015 2:30:54 PM I like the way it looks having my name at the top of the heap. I think I'll take a screen shot and frame it so I can hang it in my office. This board isn't about money ... It's about prestige. -- JW
1/10/2015 2:28:05 PM The Call Center opened a ticket for you and flagged it as 'Urgent'. The issue was routed to Bharat for remediation. He deployed a code change and deleted all extraneous messages. You will receive an email shortly with instructions for filling out a brief survey regarding our quality of service.
1/8/2015 7:55:05 AM Is there an 800 number I call to open a ticket with some Indian dude to fix this? Thanks, I'll hang up and listen.
1/5/2015 6:35:29 PM OK, I think we've proven that the Add button will post an empty message on this page. Can we move on now? Geesh!!!
1/5/2015 8:58:26 AM Joe, is Terrance Williams your MVP or is it the crooked officiating crew that pulled the Cowgirls butts out of the fire? I smell a scandal. Chris Christie is a cowboys fan. Coincidence? Never trust a morbidly obese politician...
1/4/2015 7:51:16 PM Well, it wasn't pretty, but Dallas managed to slip past the stumble-bums from Detroit. Now it's on to Green Bay to knock off yet another pathetic excuse for a team from the NFC North.
1/4/2015 7:48:34 PM I fixed the issue with the sort sequence in the Lifetime Rank and fired the individual who was responsible for the error. That means Blake is ahead of JC in the Avg column ... for now. -- JW
1/3/2015 10:47:57 PM Inside the Numbers: After the action Saturday, nine players were eliminated while ten players (four on Baltimore and six on Carolina) advanced. 20 players are on the field Sunday, seven of those players from both Dallas and Indy! Only two players from Detroit and four from Cincinnati. Any predictions on upsets?!
1/2/2015 8:06:19 AM It wouldn't be a wussie playoff without the in-depth commentary from JC. This month can we also look forward to Monday morning summaries? -- MP
12/30/2014 8:47:28 PM Inside the Numbers: Draft Summary Part 2 (The fun part) Picha - Lynch a solid pick at 1. I always love a guy who shuns the media after firing up a doobie the size of Cleveland. Grade B. Severud - Ring ring. Hello Ken? This is last place calling, do you remember me? Pretty good squad this year. Oh it pains me to say that. Grade B+. Worley - Book em Gano. I haven't seen this many Cowboys since Brokeback mountain, Blake's favorite flick. Grade B. Craig - It's going to be a very Brady New year. Nothing like going with the chalk. I had that one saved in my Horses 2004 folder. Grade C+. Holweger - Thank You Hilton was a sneaky pick. You must have seen my WUSSIE 2014 Playoff folder. Grade B+. Meisenheimer - Wilson pick, outstanding. Gronk even better. From there it caves in like an Adam Sandler movie. Craig will pass Mize in winning percentage this year. Joe, don't touch the sort button. Grade C. Meek - Ring Ring. Hello Jason? This is first place calling. I want to break up with you. Squad is threatening though. B+ Percy - Once again leads the draft in white guys. You know what that means. Make the check out now. Grade C. Armstrong - I am familiar with one guy on your squad and his name is lady...luck. C- Great Draft fellas. Good luck to all. Keep the message board alive. Happy New Year! jc
12/30/2014 1:57:33 PM Inside the numbers: Draft Summary. Of the 72 players drafted, 9 were from NE and Den, 8 Sea, 7 from IND, GB, Dal, and Pit, 6 from Carolina, 4 from Cin and Bal, while only two from Ari and Det. From a coach perspective, there are five cases where there are 3 players from an NFL team with a specific coach, Blake has 3 from NE, Jason has 3 from Den, Joe has 3 from Dallas and The Commish has 3 from both GB and Pit. Good luck to all!
12/30/2014 1:40:09 PM BTW- this is Blake. I'm trying to build up the appearance of a following for my blog to aid in my ditching corporate life some day. As such I'd appreciate a "like" on facebook, or a follow at my site. So if you are interested... http://facebook.com/raiseyoureb or http://raiseyourebenezer.com Thanks.
12/30/2014 1:19:16 PM Good to chat with you clowns. Another successful post-season is off and running. Have a great new year's. In the words of the immortal Jeff Montgomery's email footer "No response necessary"
12/30/2014 1:12:38 PM Great draft and good hearing form you all. In looking at my team I feel comfortable predicting another 8th place finish.
12/28/2014 7:22:55 PM Commissioner Severud - FYI ... Last year's results have been deleted from the site and I uploaded the 2014 playoff rosters. The links for Previous Results and Lifetime Rank have been updated. We're good to go for the draft at 12pm on 12/30/14. -- JW
2/3/2014 12:52:34 PM This year tied for lowest winning point total ever. 83. We should all be ashamed. Especially the Bengals.
2/3/2014 9:30:40 AM 2nd place gets their money back. MORAL VICTORY! SISTER KISSING!